Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mary Kay Seminar

So for the past 2 years I have been a beauty consultant. When I signed up I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Dawn (my mother-in-law) recruited me and I, of course, didn't want to say no to my mother-in-law because nothing ever ends well when you do that! LOL

I signed my agreement the very day that we were scheduled to close on our home. This was so frightening to me to start a business the same day as we were trying to save all the money we possibly could to pay for closing costs. But nonetheless, I plunged in head first having know clue what I was delving into. That was May 15th, 2007. By July I had sold nothing and done nothing. Dawn came to do my business debut at the end of July and things turned around immediately. I had 11 women in my living room who were practically dragged there by my threats :-0 I was so scared that she would drive all the way from Dallas for nothing. We hardly got many orders, it seemed, yet we sold $400 in product that day. I was forever amazed that in 1 hour we had made what I barely made in one week. AND... here's the thing... I HAD A BLAST. Are you kidding me? I just got seriously paid to have fun with my
friends? And put makeup on people!??

That was the first perk. Then as I started attending weekly meetings I realized that was only scratching the surface of what I had signed up for that wonderful day of May 15th. To name a few... I work for a company whose business plan is "God first, Family second, career third." and whose philosophy is the Golden Rule. This is in an industry that is filled with "so called" catty women yet there has been more love shown to me through the women that I have come in contact with than I can put into words. The only way I can succeed in this company is to put others needs above my own and help them to succeed first. You can't claw your way to the top
here! I am actually in direct sales and I have not felt the need nor the desire to pressure anyone into anything because I sell the product that has been number one by a LONG shot for 16+ years. The product sells itself. What other company could you work for that just for showing up they reward you, give you prizes, give you the use of a free car with insurance to boot? I stand amazed at the legacy that Mary Kay Ash left for people like me. 2 years ago I was in a dead end job (not the job I just left but a previous one). I wanted so badly to get out but saw no way to do so. I wanted to pursue cosmetology but didn't have money or any way to get money. I wanted to work with women and make them feel like a million bucks inside and out. Suddenly I found myself able to achieve all this via the vehicle that is my MK business.

My favorite perk is this: I found out I was pregnant last year just before my very first MK seminar. I was terrified, and thrilled all at once. I made a resolve in my heart that I would not have a baby and throw him into a day care so I could work 40+ hours to afford that day care. I knew God had given me the gift of a son so that I could raise him with the standards and values that have been passed down to me. My business has literally made that possible. It brings tears to my eyes to imagine what my life would be like had I not invested that $100 into my future. People spend more than that on shoes or even a manicure/pedicure these days. I have chosen to use that small investment to change the lives of every woman I meet. Whether it be to lift their spirit (and their face) with a facial or to give them the life altering career opportunity I am fully committed to doing just that.

Oh and to add yet another bonus to the list of how great this is... I am in the most recession-proof industry ever. Women will never stop washing their faces or wearing makeup. NEVER.

I just attended my second seminar in Dallas. Last year I didn't even qualify to sit in the arena (as there are 35,000+ women in attendance). This year I did and it was A-MAZING!! Here are some pictures

This is me in the lobby of our hotel.

This is the arena... wow :-)

I met Jasmine Murray in the elevator at the hotel to later find out she was singing at our seminar! She rocked it. She's so sweet. Of course I was dressed to the nines all week but the moment I happened to meet her first I was in my PJs. Because that is life. Oh well.


Dee Dee said...

Girl, you can't even tell you are in your pjs!! If I were in mine, I definitely wouldn't have a necklace on either. :-) You crack me up!! You are in your pjs and still look like you are dressed to the nines. So glad you had a good time.

Mary E Coop said...

No this was later in the lobby... she came back in in HER pjs!! I guess we're even now. I was all dressed up in this photo :-)