Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Judah's Attempt At Crawling

The thing I love the most are his little noises while he's trying so hard to push up with his arms! He's only 3 months and he wants to explore the world already! He worked so hard that he cried at the end!

My Child Smiles In His Sleep

I think I have been kissed by heaven sometimes. I am so in love!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun With My Nieces!

So yesterday was Jessie and Aubrie's birthday party. Much fun was had by ALL! Here are some cute pictures...
This is Aubrie about to launch balloons at anyone in her line of fire!!

Here is Jessie admiring her PERSONAL cake (which she took quite literally to mean that she got to eat it ALL. Dee Dee made her and Aubrie their own cakes thinking they understood that they would be sharing but they were decorated just for them... Jessie was not thrilled to learn that she was not allowed to devour the entire cake herself!! I love that girl!

Here is Uncle Todd with Judah.... so amazing! I'm so glad we had a little boy so he can play with his dad, grandpas and uncles (I say it plural because I am speaking present tense for Colleen :-) - Love you sister!!)

Here is Papaw Bryan with Baby Judah. It's scary how much they look alike sometimes!

Here's cousin Emma with Baby J!! He's waving hello!!

Here is Dee Dee being a kid with her kids... I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!

And here is me with my little man!! I love you!!!!!

Funny Story... So when I returned from my trip to Bastrop I went to Starbucks with Micah. My sister-in-law Melissa works there and gives us the most "awesomest" of hook-ups on drinks. I ALWAYS order the caramel frap with cream base and a shot of decaf (since I'm still nursing Judah). Well there was a mixup and I ended up with a Venti Java Chip - that's like 3 shots of espresso people!!!! I was so jittery. I didn't know it was caffeinated until about 11:30 PM and I started to feel funny - really funny. Then I asked her if it had caffeine and she said "you said you wanted it to!" Oh no!! Here is an idea of what I was like.

It was hysterical... Judah slept like a champ. I, however, did not... nor did Micah.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Outings

So, what used to take me about 30 minutes to accomplish now takes me about 3-4 hours which means I need to pack enough for 2 feedings just in case. And heaven forbid I pack less than 4 diapers! Today we went by my old job to say hi and, of course, we were there forever (which is great) but then I had to go by my OB's office to deliver makeup and that was another hour and 1/2 because all the girls there love Judah. Can you blame them? Look at this face!

And as you can see... he's in his big boy chair already! "Ride 'em Cowboy!!"

Judah ran out of diapers in the nursery at church on Sunday and so he had to borrow from a ONE-YEAR-OLD!!! Yes, he wears the same size diaper as a one-year-old baby! Yikes! Big booties DO run in the family I suppose!

And let the teething saga continue... now he is biting down in the middle of his feedings (if you know what I'm sayin'). Lord help me to hang in there please!! I don't know how much more my "girls" can handle! And oh my goodness - that child can soak an outfit in about 15 seconds! It amazes me that his body can produce so much liquid from such a little hole! Look at his onesie...

Monday, May 18, 2009

This Weekend

We had really powerful things happening this weekend. Micah is now the senior pastor at church and it's been a great new challenge for us!!

Here are a few good thoughts from last night's teaching given by our senior leader Dr. Lindquist:

  • Some things in life are seasonal and others are timeless. Being a blessing to your leaders and those who watch over you will never grow old. As the head goes so goes the rest of the body... make sure your head is well taken care of and you will be too!
  • Many of us are SO CLOSE to breaking through and receiving our promise, but can abort it in about 5 minutes with OUR MOUTH :-0 Be careful what you say in this season of your life. Your words are like seeds and they will bear whatever fruit you speak! Ouch!
  • Why do we so often look to and get counsel from those with the same issues we have? Stop looking to peers in a crisis and look up - you may just GO up!
  • IQ is not as important as "I CAN" (I love that one!)
Pretty cool stuff! You had to have been there to get the depth of it. I love our church and the relationships I've built with people here. It is so rewarding and fulfilling. I better go for now!

More later ....

Friday, May 15, 2009

I Could Teach a One-Handed Typing Class!

So I've gotten great at typing with Judah in my lap! Kan't yoo tail?

Other things I've learned to do one-handed: Cook (do not try this at home), laundry and other general fun housekeeping, highlight hair for goodness sake! (again - not recommended - ask my customer :-0) and apply my own mascara...

So I write this plunking out each letter with my right index finger as my left index finger is pruny and swollen from being the human teething ring.... yes I bought the squishy kind that you can refrigerate but he wants my left hand instead. Not my right hand, heaven forbid... that hand is useless to me - why would he want IT?

Okay... done with that saga... He DID take the teething ring yesterday... see?

It is getting so fun to give Judah a bath. The first bath I gave him after my c-section was a disaster. I didn't realize that he would spontaneously combust at any inkling of being cold, however it's true! I thought I was killing him for goodness sake! Then Aunt Colleen came to watch him and she gave him a bath. I realized I hadn't warned her of the famous "warm cloth on the 'no no's' to keep them from freezing" trick. She, too, thought she would get reported to CPS as he screamed so terrifyingly! Now he's discovered he can splash me and get back at me for taking away the comforting smell of his own spit-up that has collected amidst his million chins. It's truly awe inspiring! Here's a clip :-)

I am terribly excited about next weekend and the weekend after that. On the 23rd I will be celebrating the birthdays of 2 of my 3 nieces. (Jessie and Aubrie) They are the younger of the three. And then on the 24th I will be (hopefully) witnessing Emma (the oldest) get baptized! According to "Mama Dee Dee" she has been adamant about this for 2 years and the day is finally upon us. "Daddy Todd" gets to do the honors - that I just have to see. I have good money bet that he can't get through it without crying - even though he is quite the man's man. No father can get past that without tearing up... sorry! Are they not adorable?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everyday Wonders

The things that once wowed me are so different that the things that now take my breath away. I just spent about 2 hours marveling at my little man and how he "almost" lifted himself up by the arms as if to crawl! However, he did not.

In other late breaking news (lol) Judah is teething... yes, teething at 3 months!! I didn't know that was possible, but apparently so. He has been gnawing at my fingers and everything else within range (if you know what I mean... ouch!). Pray for me to have strength late in the night when he is fussy and feverish!

So I'll use this blog for several random things:
1. To get out the proper amount of words that women typically get to use per day
2. To show you cool products and "stuff" that I love and want to share with you
3. To post super cool photos of mah boys :-) (hubby and son)
4. To post pictures of my "work" i.e. the hair and makeup masterpieces that I'm working on.

I will also post songs and videos and other random things as they come along. Feel free to comment and share the love!