Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Outings

So, what used to take me about 30 minutes to accomplish now takes me about 3-4 hours which means I need to pack enough for 2 feedings just in case. And heaven forbid I pack less than 4 diapers! Today we went by my old job to say hi and, of course, we were there forever (which is great) but then I had to go by my OB's office to deliver makeup and that was another hour and 1/2 because all the girls there love Judah. Can you blame them? Look at this face!

And as you can see... he's in his big boy chair already! "Ride 'em Cowboy!!"

Judah ran out of diapers in the nursery at church on Sunday and so he had to borrow from a ONE-YEAR-OLD!!! Yes, he wears the same size diaper as a one-year-old baby! Yikes! Big booties DO run in the family I suppose!

And let the teething saga continue... now he is biting down in the middle of his feedings (if you know what I'm sayin'). Lord help me to hang in there please!! I don't know how much more my "girls" can handle! And oh my goodness - that child can soak an outfit in about 15 seconds! It amazes me that his body can produce so much liquid from such a little hole! Look at his onesie...


Katie Bug said...

I can really see both of you in his face!