Monday, May 18, 2009

This Weekend

We had really powerful things happening this weekend. Micah is now the senior pastor at church and it's been a great new challenge for us!!

Here are a few good thoughts from last night's teaching given by our senior leader Dr. Lindquist:

  • Some things in life are seasonal and others are timeless. Being a blessing to your leaders and those who watch over you will never grow old. As the head goes so goes the rest of the body... make sure your head is well taken care of and you will be too!
  • Many of us are SO CLOSE to breaking through and receiving our promise, but can abort it in about 5 minutes with OUR MOUTH :-0 Be careful what you say in this season of your life. Your words are like seeds and they will bear whatever fruit you speak! Ouch!
  • Why do we so often look to and get counsel from those with the same issues we have? Stop looking to peers in a crisis and look up - you may just GO up!
  • IQ is not as important as "I CAN" (I love that one!)
Pretty cool stuff! You had to have been there to get the depth of it. I love our church and the relationships I've built with people here. It is so rewarding and fulfilling. I better go for now!

More later ....