Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun With My Nieces!

So yesterday was Jessie and Aubrie's birthday party. Much fun was had by ALL! Here are some cute pictures...
This is Aubrie about to launch balloons at anyone in her line of fire!!

Here is Jessie admiring her PERSONAL cake (which she took quite literally to mean that she got to eat it ALL. Dee Dee made her and Aubrie their own cakes thinking they understood that they would be sharing but they were decorated just for them... Jessie was not thrilled to learn that she was not allowed to devour the entire cake herself!! I love that girl!

Here is Uncle Todd with Judah.... so amazing! I'm so glad we had a little boy so he can play with his dad, grandpas and uncles (I say it plural because I am speaking present tense for Colleen :-) - Love you sister!!)

Here is Papaw Bryan with Baby Judah. It's scary how much they look alike sometimes!

Here's cousin Emma with Baby J!! He's waving hello!!

Here is Dee Dee being a kid with her kids... I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!

And here is me with my little man!! I love you!!!!!

Funny Story... So when I returned from my trip to Bastrop I went to Starbucks with Micah. My sister-in-law Melissa works there and gives us the most "awesomest" of hook-ups on drinks. I ALWAYS order the caramel frap with cream base and a shot of decaf (since I'm still nursing Judah). Well there was a mixup and I ended up with a Venti Java Chip - that's like 3 shots of espresso people!!!! I was so jittery. I didn't know it was caffeinated until about 11:30 PM and I started to feel funny - really funny. Then I asked her if it had caffeine and she said "you said you wanted it to!" Oh no!! Here is an idea of what I was like.

It was hysterical... Judah slept like a champ. I, however, did not... nor did Micah.


Katie Bug said...

I love the Home Star clip!