Friday, May 15, 2009

I Could Teach a One-Handed Typing Class!

So I've gotten great at typing with Judah in my lap! Kan't yoo tail?

Other things I've learned to do one-handed: Cook (do not try this at home), laundry and other general fun housekeeping, highlight hair for goodness sake! (again - not recommended - ask my customer :-0) and apply my own mascara...

So I write this plunking out each letter with my right index finger as my left index finger is pruny and swollen from being the human teething ring.... yes I bought the squishy kind that you can refrigerate but he wants my left hand instead. Not my right hand, heaven forbid... that hand is useless to me - why would he want IT?

Okay... done with that saga... He DID take the teething ring yesterday... see?

It is getting so fun to give Judah a bath. The first bath I gave him after my c-section was a disaster. I didn't realize that he would spontaneously combust at any inkling of being cold, however it's true! I thought I was killing him for goodness sake! Then Aunt Colleen came to watch him and she gave him a bath. I realized I hadn't warned her of the famous "warm cloth on the 'no no's' to keep them from freezing" trick. She, too, thought she would get reported to CPS as he screamed so terrifyingly! Now he's discovered he can splash me and get back at me for taking away the comforting smell of his own spit-up that has collected amidst his million chins. It's truly awe inspiring! Here's a clip :-)

I am terribly excited about next weekend and the weekend after that. On the 23rd I will be celebrating the birthdays of 2 of my 3 nieces. (Jessie and Aubrie) They are the younger of the three. And then on the 24th I will be (hopefully) witnessing Emma (the oldest) get baptized! According to "Mama Dee Dee" she has been adamant about this for 2 years and the day is finally upon us. "Daddy Todd" gets to do the honors - that I just have to see. I have good money bet that he can't get through it without crying - even though he is quite the man's man. No father can get past that without tearing up... sorry! Are they not adorable?


Dee Dee Williams said...

Haven't watched the bath clip yet...I hear a little one out of bed - at 9:30 no less. Love the blog and will check in often!!

Dee Dee said...

Hey - just added your blog to my blog's favorite links. Is that okay??

Mary E Coop said...

Of course it's okay!! Love you sister :-)

McQueen Family said...

Sounds like you need a sling! I "wore" Colby as much as possible but he wasn't a big fan of the sling.