Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everyday Wonders

The things that once wowed me are so different that the things that now take my breath away. I just spent about 2 hours marveling at my little man and how he "almost" lifted himself up by the arms as if to crawl! However, he did not.

In other late breaking news (lol) Judah is teething... yes, teething at 3 months!! I didn't know that was possible, but apparently so. He has been gnawing at my fingers and everything else within range (if you know what I mean... ouch!). Pray for me to have strength late in the night when he is fussy and feverish!

So I'll use this blog for several random things:
1. To get out the proper amount of words that women typically get to use per day
2. To show you cool products and "stuff" that I love and want to share with you
3. To post super cool photos of mah boys :-) (hubby and son)
4. To post pictures of my "work" i.e. the hair and makeup masterpieces that I'm working on.

I will also post songs and videos and other random things as they come along. Feel free to comment and share the love!


Mubeen said...

Thanks for the invite, Mary! I just sent you an invite to my blog as well. Judah is SOO cute! So happy for you all!