Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas Today Becuase You Know I Won't Post Before Then.... LOL

So I want to seriously wish all my friends a wonderful Christmas.  Not filled with stress and last-minute "oh shoot I forgot so-and-so's gift..." shopping.  Just remembering that, truly, Jesus is the ONLY reason for this wonderful time and looking around in amazement at all the incredible people He's planted in your life as a representation of how much he dearly loves you.

Update:  Judah is FINALLY crawling!!  Praise the Lord above.  I thought this day would never come.  Now that it is here I am kind-of wondering why I was in such a hurry.  He has eaten an array of what can only be called "rubbish" from our floor.  I have never swept and vacuumed so much in all my days!

So, I am making green bean casserole for Christmas dinner.  I am a bit nervous because it is my Aunt Marinell's recipe.  It includes worshteshire sauce, velveeta cheese and lots of butter!!  I think it sounds like an absolute treat!  Oh!!  It also has WHOLE button mushrooms.... YUUUMMM~~ I am SO pregnant.  Oh dear, no one is going to eat my food.  Eh.. more for me!

And I have 2 weddings to do hair for in one morning tomorrow.... I still have not figured out the inner workings of my own brain and why I booked both of them, but my glorious friend Abby is going to help me and I know it will all work out!!!  (That is complete blind faith talking!)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good... rest of the month... uh, yeah!