Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smooth Guy Updates :-)

So here is the latest in the life of Judah...

Some new words that he has added to his vocab repertoire are: 
- Puppy (which sounds like bubby - just like his cousin, my niece, Emma used to say!)
- Wow!  or Whoa!!!  (so funny)
- Tree (he is learning that not every piece of foliage is a "flowie")
- Eat (Suprised it took him so long! LOL)
- Cracker (which we couldn't understand for the longest time because it sounded like "guaca")
- "Fant" which is short for Elephant... he usually just blows with his lips pursed together to make the   sound which is much cuter in my humble opinion!
- Butter (which is butterfly)
- Bible (he said this on Easter Sunday when he was playing with one of his new books!  Never taught it to him but wish we could take the credit for that one!)

In the land of TEETH:
There has been much breakthrough!!!  He has his 2 bottom teeth (pray for them to straighten, they are a bit crooked but super cute).  Just in the past 2-3 days he's cut 3 top teeth and man has he been a trooper.  I know he's been in some serious pain and he's been super smooth!!  They are still coming in but they just broke through the skin in the last day or so.  

Here are some pictures of him in action... 

He spends the day sometimes with his friends Gabriella and Konrad.  Gabriella is helping him learn to walk in this picture!  So hysterical!

This is an edited picture of Judah getting so excited to sit next to Konrad (who is about 10 months younger than him so he feels very "big brother" around him)

Here is a pic of one of his new favorite pass-times.  DIRT!!! 


Katie Bug said...

Oh, he is so cute! I hope we get to see you guys soon. "Flowie" cracks me up!