Monday, June 1, 2009

Blowout at the Zoo

We went to the zoo today with Aunt Dee Dee and Cousin Emma. It was fun! We got to see the monkeys (my personal zoo favorite!)

Judah's been having "poo poo problems" the past week. He's been a bit stopped up for whatever reason. Yesterday he was able to go in the morning and then in the afternoon around 1PM. He hadn't gone since then and it was about 3PM today!! Over 24hrs is not a good thing for infants.

Well he was in the little carrier (which is a personal milestone, too - he always cried before when put in this thing - my guess is because it squeezes all his man parts!!) and we were in "Toad-ally" when all of a sudden I felt bombs going off against my chest. This was not good since his rear-end was down by my belly button. To my dismay he had blown 24-hr-old poo all out of the top of his diaper, through his shirt, through his overalls and all over mommy's shirt!

Dee Dee was kind enough to assist me in the changing of the toxic waste. As we were leaving the zoo he did it again! And to top off the day, I realized as we were walking out that I had a huge glob of poo smeared across my hand that I didn't clean off. NICE!

Other than that fun story I had a blast and so did he! (as you can see below... he was so cute!)


Dee Dee said...

Talk about me being fast to post! That may be a record. I love the pic of him in the carrier. We had a blast - thanks for giving us the WHOLE day! I know E. is appriciative, too.

Katie Bug said...

This is too funny! Katie Bug woke up this morning with a similar blowout.