Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Week!

This week has seemed never ending! Micah had Music Camp and so I helped him with that. It was quite the adventure. Baby J was the camp mascot :-) The kids loved him so! I would come in every day and help the girls write music. We had songs ranging in topic from making the world a better place to the "frilly sock blues". Children make me laugh so much!

Then early Friday morning I began doing hair and makeup for an Indian wedding. If you've ever been to an Indian wedding you know they last 3 days and the women in particular have a different outfit for each ceremony. They also want to change their hair and makeup with each wardrobe change... fun! I would post pictures but the other eventful thing of the week happened.... One of the dogs (Bishop would be my guess) chewed through our camera charger. Nice. He's been subtly lashing out since the birth of our son. Oh jealousy. My guess is that he sees how much joy it brings us to take pictures of Judah that he discovered the way to end it all! Smart dog, darn it!

Then Friday evening Steve and Dawn came to stay the weekend for Dawn's birthday and Father's day. They helped watch Judah while I woke up at 3:45 on Saturday morning to start doing hair again by 5AM - ahh! I don't know how I made it through all that. Here's a mobile pic from Melissa's phone of them giving my son Coffee!! (not really but it so looks like he's just drinking away!)

Micah preached this morning and did wonderful. I, of course missed the last 30 minutes due to a hunger melt down in the nursery. I was glad to have heard as much as I did, though.

And in other baby news... Judah has started chewing 2 more things this week... his tongue and his bibs or blankets. He likes to have the cloth buffer between the fingers. He chews his tongue and looks like an old man. Then he gets really angry because his tongue hurts, but he things we're doing it because he looks at us like "why are you letting this pain get out of control for the love of God??!!" So cute. He also holds himself up from the tummy position brilliantly!!


Katie Bug said...

Sorry about your camera charger. Lex was a bad boy for a month or so before and after Katie Bug was born. He even went out of his way to pee on my clothing!

Mary E Coop said...

My doggies are still lashing out every once in a while. Micah and I are trying to spend extra time with them and get them treats here and there to make them feel loved!!