Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sheee's Baaaack!!!

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  I didn't realize people read this thing until I got all these questions... "why haven't you put up new pictures, etc?"  So I am truly sorry, I will start the attempt to maintain at least once a week. 

So, if you are my friend on Facebook you already know that I am EXPECTING BABY #2!!!  If you have had children close together and have any sort of advice for me please let me know!  Micah and I are very excited, however we do have a bit of nervous energy since we are finally getting used to parent-hood in general!! 

My main concern is that all my children (present and future) feel like they are loved equally and abundantly. 

So "Glamma" came to visit this past weekend and here are some pictures of the fun we had...

Here are the cool jammies that she brought Judah... He was still in them late Saturday!  LOL

I was not a happy guy because people were trying to get me down for a nap so Glamma had to take me on a walk so I would go to sleep - FINALLY!!

Playing with one of my new balls that I got!!  Such good form already!

We went to the pumpkin patch and I got to ride the "big green tractor"

This is my new sport called "pumpkin surfing" 

This is my Clint Eastwood face.... 


Katie Bug said...

I love the pumpkin surfing and Clint Eastwood faces. Katie Bug was in her pj's pretty late this Saturday, too. We were slacking!