Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Attempted Outing

So today I wanted to take Judah to the park because my friend Rachel posted cute pictures of her little Katie Bug on the swings and I couldn't resist! Well my friend Ann went with me. We loaded the stroller, etc. and went on our merry little way. Judah talked the whole way there, obviously thrilled about the whole thing (as if he knew!).

So we pull up and I was gung-ho ready to get Judah playing and screaming with delight. I open the back door to the car and here is what I see...

There was drool and snoring... it was too much. I couldn't bear to wake him. We will try the park some other time. Meanwhile, being two females we went and got Baskin Robins as any good woman would in order to kill time and give her son a good "car nap". Suffering for the cause... I know, it's tough but I will make it! (-;

In other news... I died my hair yesterday at 6 PM. I had to be across town by 7 PM... not a good move. I laid Judah down for a nap and went to coloring like a mad woman! My plan failed - he woke up SCREAMING 10 minutes later. I had 1/3 of my scalp colored and my hands were full of dye. He was SO upset and then I finally went to pick him up holding him about 3 feet away from me and putting him on my bed. I was better off leaving him in the crib because when he realized that I was not going to hold and feed him it was all over. I thought there would be death by crying but we survived. Meanwhile, my hair turned out okay. All the nasty old blond highlights were annihilated!!


Anonymous said...

I have many an outing that ended up like that! Love the new hair color! :)

Dee Dee said...

Just read your post on my clog - yes, we have no rythm, but she WAS trying! Ha!! Made me seriously laugh and had to watch her over and over!! Love you, D2