Thursday, September 3, 2009

Naptime with Mommy

Sundays are very tiring for Micah and I. We both lead discipleship groups in the morning and then we eat a quick lunch, head home rest for a few minutes only to change clothes and go to the church for worship practice. So this past Sunday in the midst of it all Judah decided he wanted to start having major teething woes! I was miserable right along with him feeling so helpless because nothing was easing his pain. He would not sleep, eat, play or be distracted in any form. Finally I was able to feed him successfully and he fell fast asleep in the middle of the feeding. Instead of putting him in bed I decided "man I'm tired too!" so I just leaned back and went with it! It was 20 minutes of heaven. Micah saw the chance for a photo opp. so here it is :-)

In other news...
I have perpetually been a nail biter from the womb! (okay so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much!) Here lately I started taking vitamins and BOOM my nails grew STRONG before I had any chance to bite! I took a retarded picture but I'm so proud that I don't even care if it looks good! LOL Here it is!