Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 Months..... SEVEN MONTHS!!!!!

My little, tiny, sweet bundle of joy has, seemingly overnight, turned into a boisterous 7-month-old full of personality and charm. I have no idea what has happened to the past 7 months but I do know that they have been filled with more joy than I ever expected.

Last night was a moment I will never forget. Tuesdays are Judah and Daddy nights. Micah watches him so I can go to my Mary Kay meetings. I came home and saw Judah's little blue New Testament Bible on Micah's desk in the front room. When I asked why it was there Micah said that he was reading it to him before bed and God gave him a scripture to speak over Judah. It was Psalm 27. He said God distinctly told him that Judah would live out that scripture. I was trying not to get emotional so that he would keep talking to me about it (you know men and displays of feelings... they don't mix too well.)

He continues by pulling out a journal that was given to him by his spiritual father and he'd been saving for a special occasion. He started writing to Judah in the journal. It was the sweetest thing I'd ever read. I tried and tried not to cry but didn't quite make it to the end. Ugh!

I am so amazingly blessed to have a husband that loves me and loves his family so much. Most of all, that loves the LORD! I thank God that our children will never know first hand what the word "divorce" means. Or what it feels like to be abused or neglected. I thank God that they will just assume it is normal not to experience fear because someone told them "you can't do it". That all they will know is positive reinforcement and that their discipline will be out of love, never anger. I am so glad to know what I know now and be able to pass it to the next generation.

I am so blessed.