Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make-up 101 (This Was Way Too Fun To Do!)

So I have about a million people ask me how I do my makeup and what colors I am wearing... yada, yada, yada... I finally decided to hunker down and give you a play by play. Do not try this at home (the photographing, that is... DO try the makeup thing!)

I am only going to do 1/2 of my face and by the end this will look really funny! What is even funnier is the "makeup faces" you will see me make!

So for the first time known to man I am about to do the unthinkable and I am going to take a picture of me in the "nude" (not really -- just my face!) This is me with NO added ingredients or preservatives!

Ugh... okay.... POST!

Am I still alive??? Wow - I thought that would kill me. I was wrong.
Since breath is still in my lungs I will start with step 1:

Step 1: Facial Highlighter

You want to put this in any areas that surround dark circles or any area that you wish to enhance based on your bone structure, etc.

(Click here for more application tips)

Step 2: Concealer

You only ever want to use your ring finger to apply concealer. It has the least amount of pressure and you don't usually get calloused there (unless you are my wonderful guitar-playing husband, in which case I would hope you never learn what concealer is - let alone wear it!!)

Then you will want to use a brush (if you have it) to apply. Mary Kay has a wonderful brush set, however we don't yet have a concealer brush. I got mine at Ulta (shhhh....) but the next best thing is the ring finger. You can put concealer anywhere you want to, um... conceal? Ha! Above and just below the eye. Any zits or as we now like to refer to them as "blemishes" or dark spots. Try to use a shade that matches your skin tone. In looking at these pics I realize I need to go a bit darker! LOL

Step 3: Mineral Powder Foundation - By the way... this stuff ROCKS!!!!!!

The trick with this is to start with a tiny layer and add until you have the coverage you desire. You also want to get all the excess powder off the brush so that you don't get showered with powder. I learned to twist the cap into the empty lid and that pushes the powder up into the brush. Make sure you wash your brush after using and dry flat.

Now I have effectively powdered my eyelashes and they have disappeared! But no more shiny forehead and uneven complexion! Yay!


Step 4, Part#1: Shadow - Highlighter Color = Moonstone (another good one is Crystaline)

This color only goes on the base of the eyelid (From lash line to crease) and on your brow bone just under the eyebrow. This adds a glow in the right places.

Step 4 Part #2: Shadow - Mid Tone - Chocolate Kiss (another great color is Vintage Gold)

This color goes in the crease area and just above to give it a natural shadow. You can get several application tips by clicking HERE based on your eye shape.

A trick to eye makeup and pretty much all else is LAYERING. Before you get ready to apply liner if you put a thin line of the mid-tone color at the lash line with an eyeliner brush (part of our brush set) it will add dimension to your overall look and keep things from getting smeared or fading throughout the day!

Step 4, Part #3: Shadow - Accent Color (Navy Blue)

Some other good colors for this are Iris, Golden Olive, or Denim Frost.

When using the Navy in particular you want to use VERY LITTLE. It is always better to get too little and add more than look like Bobo the Clown! Just dip the brush lightly and then...


You will take the accent color and using a "c-curve" motion go from the corner of your lash line in to the middle of the eye. Then go back (always keeping the brush touching the lid - don't "flick" the shadow all over your cheek!) in the opposite direction to the corner and then up to the middle of the crease of your eye.

Then you will want to go back with the highlighting brush and blend all 3 colors together do they do not look "choppy" but smooth.

Step 5: Eyeliner (Black)

With Eyeliner you want to start from the outside corner and work your way in with tiny connecting strokes. This will keep you from having "skid marks" and you will also not have to PULL your eyes out. I feel for you if this is how you do your makeup because gravity will eventually set in and, unfortunately, what goes OUT must come DOWN! Ugh.

Step 5, Part #2: Blending Shadow With Liner (I love doing this!)

So you take the Navy shadow and using the eyeliner brush go over the liner that you just applied. Then you can blend that up into the color on your eyes. It makes it look like one fluid sea of color! This is what makes things go POP!!

You can also put a highlighting powder in the corner of your eye closest to your nose and this will really widen and open up your eye.

Now to resurrect those lashes!

Step 6: Mascara (not just any, but... ULTIMATE Mascara)

This part is pretty self-explanatory. Make an incredibly funny face with your top and bottom lips curled over your teeth and your eyebrows raised to the sky. Then put it on in small layers until you have the desired thickness.

Step 7: Eyebrows! (Shading, filling, etc)

So this dang eyeliner brush is the coolest thing since sliced bread! I had an unfortunate "plucking incident" in 10th grade and my brows never fully recovered. I can't really "draw" them on because it is so obvious. I discovered if I take my brow pencil (Brunette) and rub it on the liner brush it softly fills in my brows in the most natural way I've found thus far! Yay!

Not too shabby, huh??

So now we are done with EYES!! And now I look like a cyclops!!! So scary!

On to the cheeks...

Step 8: Mineral Cheek Color (Color - Pink Petals)

First you want to make sure you use a brush that is thin and angled specifically for the cheek area. Don't use a fat powder brush because then you will not look contoured, you will just look pink!

Next you want to apply cheek color in the natural places to accent your bone structure. I have a shadow that already exists, be it fat or a cheek bone - who knows!? But that is where I put mine and I run it from the back to the front (the apple) of my cheek. Then blend backwards so it doesn't ever look streaky.

Then you can apply the mineral highlighting powder that we used to highlight the eyes. We have both a matte and a shimmer for whatever finish you prefer. I like a little glitz!

All you do is apply this in the places you want to accent, much like the highlighting pen.

See how it sparkles? :-)

Last, but not.... LIPS!!

Step 9: Lip Liner (Color: Dusty Pink)

You want to start in the middle, go out, and then work your way in with feathering strokes. Much like the eye liner.

Step 10: Lip Color (Color: Sweet Nectar)

Apply from the outside to the middle and DO NOT rub your lips together after application of color or gloss. It causes it to clump on the sides and it will need to be taken off and re-applied sooner.

Step 11: Lip Gloss (Color: Bronze Bliss)

You can apply the gloss the opposite of the lip color. You want the concentration to be on the center so you can start there and work your way to the corner. If you want less shine, spread the gloss in a thin layer across entire lip. If you want to really glow dot the gloss on and only put it in the center of the lip. Again... NO RUBBING! :-)

Okay... now I need to do the rest of my face!

Before I do, remember BEFORE?: (ugh!)

Well, I'd like to introduce you to AFTER!:

5 Words: Thank God For Mary Kay
While "Before" was pretty bad, nothing is scarier than "cyclops girl!" Ha!
I hope you enjoyed and learned something. Leave any helpful comments below!


Havard Family said...

This was really informative thanks for sharing!! Do you have any tips on colors for dark brown eyes? I tend to stick with light browns for a natural look.

Mary E Coop said...

I know people with brown eyes think sometimes they are "less fortunate" but I envy you! You can wear ANY color you want! What is "in" right now for brown eyes is royal purple colors. Go to the link on the word "shadow" and look at the color "sweet plum". This would look spectacular mixed with a brown and a neutral. You can even line your eyes with it. We also have a liner called "amethyst" and it is recommended for brown eyes. Let me know what you think!

Havard Family said...

Yeah I am sometimes scared to try bold colors because I don't want to look like a clown. And I feel limited to just browns since my eyes are brown. I actually have some purple eyeshadows and I tried it last night with your tips and showed my husband on the webcam (he's in iraq) and he was like WOW! so thank you for showing me the right way to apply makeup i'm so excited to do my make up now. :)

Mary said...

Aww, love that your hubby loved the new look! It is really exciting to learn new stuff and also to get better at it to where you can do it in like 5 minutes vs. taking forever to get ready. Thanks for your feedback!

Dee Dee said...

So, I don't know how you had the patience to do this post. I've thought of doing a how-to post on several topics, but I would just run out of endurance, I think. I'm so impressed!! :-)