Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Age New Kid!

Judah is growing up so fast!

Here is a list of all the words he says so far...
- Mommy (or Mama)
- Daddy (which sounds like "Dat-tee!")
- Bye Bye
- Hi (or "hey!")
- Nana
- Thank you (or "tay too")
- Baby (or "bay bay")
- Eye (as he points to your eyeball and tries to put his finger in the socket!) Aunt Melissa taught him that!

He attempted the word "Claire" the other day but it was mostly spit bubbles and slapping my belly where Claire is.  It was pretty funny, nonetheless!

Today is Valentine's Day and he got a rose at church which he ate.  His poop, however, did not smell like the rose.  I felt a bit ripped off!

Here are some pictures of his first birthday party.  It was big fun!  Lots of friends came and we had a blast.

Here is his baseball cake that mommy made all by herself!!

Here is Judah devouring the cake!


Katie Bug said...

How impressive that Judah is already saying "thank you". You must have very good manners in your house!
I am cracking up that he ate his rose!

Mary said...

I don't know about the manners but we have one observant kid! Yes, it is now proven that rose petals do not harm children!

Dee Dee said...

Great cake, Mommy! I was so impressed. I'm already missing you guys!!

Nana Coop said...

Yay for Nana!! Sorry about the rose!! I would feel ripped off too - LOL!!!