Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

It is finally getting nice outside where we can go play!  I love winter but man do I love it when the warmth starts returning and we can go to the park and not have to wear a coat!

Yesterday I took Judah to feed the ducks with Alicia and his best baby friend Gabriella!  He fed... himself!  He didn't quite understand the concept since every time I hand him food it is for him and him alone!  So here's a picture of him feeding.... the "ducks"

 Then today we went to the park and had a great time!  We met 2 new friends Mason and Sebastian.  They were 7 months and 3 years old.  I was so glad to meet another mommy, too!  She has not made any friends yet here in San Antonio so I was thrilled to meet her and swap info.  I love when stuff like that happens.  Here is a picture of Judah going down the slide. (or about to)  He was laughing the whole way once he got used to it.  It warmed my heart! 

I am starting a meeting for young moms called The "Mom Connection" that meets every first Saturday morning.  This week is our first week and we're having brunch at my house and my friend Carmen is coming to share helpful mommy tips :-)  Pray that it goes well.  If you are in the San Antonio and have kids that are 4 and under please come!!  Bring the kids along, too.  You can find more info here or you can EMAIL me.

Also, I might be advertising in San Antonio Weddings Magazine!  I sent them a link to my blog and they called me back in 5 minutes!  Wow... God is good!