Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mommy's Ever Growing Belly!

So I realized just now that I have not yet posted pictures of Claire
inside her own little oven!!!
Here is a picture taken just this morning by the lovely "Auntie Kay"
of me holding Judah. I wish you could have heard him. It's like he
knew why we were taking the picture! He was saying "baby baby baby"
and patting me on the shoulder. He is going to be such a cute big


Katie Bug said...

You look great! I just realized this is the first belly pic I've seen this go 'round.

Mary said...

I know! It's the first one I have had time to think about taking! I am trying to focus on helping Judah realize he's about to be a brother (i.e. teaching him to share and be okay with me holding other babies!!) I just thought about it today and realized "oh I have not put one pic of me prego up!"

Havard Family said...

You are glowing and look so beautiful pregnant! I love the name Claire, too! Judah and Claire, aww!