Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a Big Boy Now!

So, as of 3-19-2010 Judah is officially "weaned" from every bottle feeding!  This is great and terrible news all at once.  The great news is obvious... He's growing up, he no longer needs that expensive formula, he is learning to sooth himself in other ways... the terrible, you ask?  He wakes up at the most ungodly hours of the morning and is ready to start his day!  I guess it is good for me to be getting up at 6 something but Lord!!  My thought is Micah and I need to go to be sooner and we need to try and stretch his bedtime back about 1/2 hour and see if that helps!

I had a great week last week.  Auntie Colleen was on Spring Break so she took Judah to the zoo and they had the time of their lives.  I think she now is a bit empathetic regarding how heavy he is and how many times one has to lift their child in the matter of one day.  It is not easy on the back!  (Especially the pregnant one!)  Judah was loving every second of it from what I hear.  He called every animal "doggie??" and the only thing he did different was yell "ooh ooh ahh ahh!!!" when they approached the monkey cages.  I taught him that!  Yay! He also showed all the friends that went with them how he could pack in some serious carnage... he ate everything I packed for him (and that was enough for lunch and dinner!).  This is the other down side to being weaned... the kid eats like a man who was just released from Shawshank prison! LOL

In other news, he does now have TWO official teeth on the bottom!  I have attempted to get pictures but very unsuccessfully.  He is not wanting to give me that bottom jaw smile to show them off! 

He has learned how to say "Flower" which comes out "Owie" but that is what he means! 

Claire is doing great from what I can feel.  I am officially 27 weeks pregnant today!  That means I am a week shy of being 7 months and a week shy of being in my 3rd trimester already!!!!  I can't believe how quickly time flies when you are raising another little angel.  Some days I don't even remember that I am with child... that seems impossible! 

On that note... the Smooth Guy is crying and just woke from his nap so I had better go!