Tuesday, March 30, 2010

28 Weeks and Counting...

I have officially entered into the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy... Oh joy!  Leg cramps, lower back bliss, back to lack of energy and MOOD swings, constant instiable hunger, 8+ trips to the bathroom in one night... the list goes on :-)  

However, there is a good list, too! 
This is a really funny PREGNANCY CALENDAR that I read, too.  It cheers me up!

I am ready to start getting the nursery in order.  I am so excited about little Claire's arrival.  I got to help decorate our church nursery and it kicked off the "nesting" instinct in me right away.  I haven't really gotten that URGE yet.  Now I am ready!  I think part of it is that we cleared mosst of our front room out when we moved into our new church building so now Mel and Karanda will be moving in there so we can use their room for Claire!  Yay!

Here is a pic of about 1/3 of the art work I did for the church babies.  I want to do something similar for her just different colors.  I got cheap canvases at JoAnn Fabrics so I will get some more and do my creative thing!!

As for Judah... He is drumming away!  I cannot seem to put video on my blog right now, so go to my FACEBOOK and see my videos of Judah playing drums.  You're sure to get a kick out of him!