Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Weekend

So thanks again to those of you who helped nominate Micah for the "San Antonio's Most Deserving Worship Leader Contest".  He didn't win overall but we did win free tickets to see Kari Jobe and Lincoln Brewster live.  We got in before the public (several of whom had been waiting outside since 2 PM that day!!) We sat in the 3rd middle row and it was amazing!! 

Kari Jobe opened the night and I was hit with the unexpected, overwhelming presence of God the moment she opened her mouth to worhsip.  It was so refreshing.  Micah and I realized that since we'd been married we had not ever been to a service where one or both of us was not leading worship.  It was so rejuvinating to worship God together and share that experience.  I cried like a baby through most of it.  That is just what I do when I get to be in the wonderful presence of my Savior.  It is too much for me to handle!!  Micah's favorite part was, of course, Lincoln.  The man can play electric guitar like nobody's business!  We discovered he used to play with Journey, which makes total sense.  He then met the Lord and moved to Modesto, CA where he played in the background of a worship team for several years.  He still leads worship for that local church where he started out so many years ago!  That is very admirable.  He has not let fame and CD sales get him distracted from what is most important and he is very connected to his local church.  Yay Linc!!

Here are some really horrible cell phone pictures, but you get the gist!  Ha ha!

This is Kari Jobe in all her blurriness!  LOL

And here is Lincoln Brewster tearing it up on the electric!

And in un-related news... here is Judah being his cute little self.  Had to put him in here somewhere!


Katie Bug said...

I can't believe you guys haven't been in a church service where neither of you was leading worship in such a long time!
That pic of Judah is a perfect combination of Micah and your dad.