Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nominate Micah For K-Love's Most Deserving Worship Leader...

Here is the letter I sent in.  Send your email nominations to this address and vote for Micah!!

Dear K-Love,

I would like to submit my Husband, Micah Coop, for the worship leader appreciation contest.  I know that one would think that I'm a bit partial, being married to him, however, my admiration goes far beyond just his role as a wonderful husband and father.

Micah has faithfully led worship and worship teams for the past 12 years of his life with the most refreshing attitude I have ever seen from someone in his position.  Many (and most times) he was given very little resources to work with and yet he seemed to turn nothing into something every time.  He is truly a remarkable leader, but above that he is a TRUE worshipper, heart and soul.  His love for God through some of the most challenging times I've ever seen anyone go through has caused all who attend our church to want to live their lives this way.  His worship leading stretches far beyond a stage, a guitar and a microphone on a Sunday.  That is simply the overflow of his love for God spilling out on one small occasion.  He leads worship every day of his life by his example.  No matter how much life throws at him he MAKES time to be alone with God every single day.  He lives to serve and it shows in everything he does.

We moved to San Antonio about 4 years ago to start a brand new church here.  He was leading in so many areas of the ministry, including worship.  He spent his days and nights searching for a building we could meet in and praying with the team of pastors that moved here to start our church.  One month after we were married and had moved here he was on his way home from a prayer meeting and a truck ran a red light and destroyed every bit of his car but the driver's seat.  He was unconscious when the paramedics arrived and they thought he was gone.  He ended up with a very serious head injury, major contusions all over his body, a punctured lung and a collapsed lung.  The recovery process was very tough on him since he was in the middle of so many things and all he wanted to do was get back to his responsibilities.  Within 2 weeks he was back on the stage loving God.  You never would have known he was in so much pain.  This was against the urging of his wife and doctors, of course!  I have never seen anyone exemplify the saying "you can't keep a good man down" the way that he did then and continues to do every day.

The week our first son was born last year another major challenge presented itself.  Our senior pastor of 15 years made the wonderful decision to begin pursuing one of his life-long dreams which caused him to step back from the role of pastoring the church here in San Antonio.  He prayerfully knew that Micah would be the one to take over the leadership of the church, which he whole-heartedly agreed to do.  In the midst of all the changes it was yet one more thing added to his already overflowing plate!  That was one year ago and I stand amazed at the outstanding job that he has done.  He has continued to lead worship while raising up other leaders within the team to take over.  All the while he has lead the newly growing church with so much dignity and maturity.  He is only 29 years old yet he is wise beyond his years.  We have made so many sacrifices in order to do what we know God has called us to do, but I have never once heard him complain.  Never.  He is not only a minister to his congregation but to his family first.  He is a walking example of Christ in 2010 walking the streets of San Antonio.  He is like a hidden treasure in our city so full of talent and anointing.  He has notebooks of songs that he's written that no one will probably ever hear but God and he's completely content to know that God is pleased with him.  That's all he needs and that faith is contagious to everyone he meets.

He is deserving of the recognition that he rarely receives publicly.  This contest would be an amazing way to display appreciation from our congregation for all that he has sacrificed to make sure that they are blessed, growing and reaching out to those in need of God's love.  One of his greatest inspirations in the praise and worship industry is Lincoln Brewster.  I think he may literally pass out with excitement if he were to be able to collaborate with him in a song writing session.  Please consider him for this honor.  I am not only writing as a loving wife, but as someone who has been forever changed by the life of a passionate, amazing man and worship leader.  Micah Coop is 100% deserving of this award.


Mary Coop


Anonymous said...

That was such an amazing letter Mary! I had no idea that you and Micah had gone through the accident that he had back when you were first married. God is so good to bring him through it just fine! I just emailed my vote for him to klove. I so hope that he gets it!!!

Mary said...

Thank you so much Jen. I don't tell too many people about that season of our lives unless it is in the form of a testimony! It is just something we like to forget about... rough 1st year of marriage! I love who we've become now because of it. All the "stuff" has brought us much closer to Him and each other for sure!