Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

We had quite the eventful mother's day today.  Judah is officially sleeping in his toddler bed now and is SUCH big boy.  The only trouble we have is nap time.  He didn't take a nap today but let me tell you... he is sound asleep now in his bed and it would take a mighty force to wake him!!

Our friend Abby came to cut Karanda's hair and Ruth helped watch him so I could sleep.  That was my greatest mother's day gift yet... a 2 hour nap!!!  There is a God and He loves me so!!  Ruth caught this picture.  I wish I had a scanner here because it is identical to a baby picture of me playing my "Mimi Alice's" old organ and applauding myself when I was done!! 

Here are some other cute ones from the day at church...

My little man is so sweet!