Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arrival of the "Claire Bear"

I know it has taken me forever and a day to update this blog.  That being said, I've been a wee bit busy having babies and all!  :-)


Our newest arrival (Claire Elizabeth Coop) arrived on June 21, 2010 after 36 hours of labor!  She couldn't quite decide if she wanted to make her grand appearance, but we're so glad she did!!!

Some things about Claire that make her even more special than usual are:

  • She slept almost through the night the first night we brought her home from the hospital!
  • She now sleeps about 5 hours at night which is still amazing for a baby that is not even one month old yet!! 
  • She started smiling (and I mean SMILING) at about 4 days old. 
  • She, like her brother Judah, holds her head up with no trouble and has since before she left the hospital!  This particularly amazed her "Papaw Bryan" the most.  
  • She can sleep through Judah's daily drum performances!!  That takes real talent!

She was 7lbs at birth and weighed in at 8lbs 6oz just a bit over a week ago.  She is also almost 21 inches long already.  She reminds me of the "Dunn" side of the family, where Micah looks just like his Daddy.  


In the latest Judah news, he did receive an adult-size drum set over the 4th of July holiday.  This is, of course, his new favorite toy.
His new vocabulary words are as follows: (I will try not to leave any out)
- Get Yo Dubby (which means he wants to poke your belly button... don't ask~)
- I love you (my personal favorite)
- Peek-a-boo (which comes out sounding like "pizza dude") It makes me laugh uncontrollably
- Butterfly (which sounds like "bud-eye")
- Drum (of course!)
- Piano
- Radio
- Nose
- Please and Thank you before and after every gift received :-)
- Up please and Down please
- Some of his "aunties" taught him how to say "moco" which is spanish for "booger" - mom was not pleased... but it's really funny, too.
- Duckie and "quack quack"
- Einstein (which means he wants to watch one of his videos)
- Banana (which sounds like bada)
- Brush
- Book
- Diaper and "wipey"
- "no no Bishop" (this is what he says when scolding  the dogs)
- "Don't touch it" (which is what he says when he sees something that's off limits - as he reaches for it... ha ha!)
- "Uh oh dropped it!" (when he throws food from his tray to give to the dogs and then he yells at them for eating it... so funny)
- Lion and "raaawwwrr"
- Claire (which, for some reason he HAS to say with his lips pursed and a smirk on his face... I have no clue why, but again, it's so incredibly cute!!!)

These are just to name a FEW.  He talks day and night and is like a little parrot!  I love it :-)

He is such an amazing kid, that's for sure.  The adjustment to having a baby sister has been a bit difficult for him.  He does deal with the jealousy thing from time to time, but I must say I am so proud of him.  For being so small and unable to understand so much he really does respond like a champ
to having her around!  He is constantly asking about "BABY" and trying to give her kisses.

Here are just a few pictures and a link to "Glamma's" facebook photo album to see the 4th of July weekend pictures she took, too!!/album.php?aid=2041826&id=1343796793

Here is Claire just days before her debut :-)

Here is our 1st pic together with Claire!

Here is Claire's 1st photo shoot in the hospital  :-)

All dressed up with no place to go! 

This is Judah kissing his baby sister.  He LOVES her so much!  I think she was just looking for food in this picture

Judah's first time to meet Claire!

Here is a nice fam pic at Maggiano's - Micah's fav place!

Here is Judah with Daddy on the drums - his 1st lesson!