Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Babies Galore!

So... I am finally getting back in the saddle again and into the whole "social networking" loop!  Yay me :-)

In the past few weeks I've been everything from overwhelmed to joyful and back to overwhelmed again.  It's surely a roller coaster with 2 in diapers, but they are such a joy at the same time!

Judah is growing so so so so fast!!!  He is talking constantly and speaking in sentences most of the time.  Now, it does often take an interpreter to understand him, but MOM knows what he's saying! 

Claire had her 2 month check up and weighs almost 12 lbs already!  How quickly they grow.  She is 22.1 inches long. 

Here are some really cute pictures...

This is Judah learning to eat yogurt with a spoon... notice there are no clothes on him!

This is Claire at bedtime smiling away.  She literally smiles all the time when she's awake...

And when she's asleep!!

And here is Judah playing his drums in his fireman's hat that Daddy brought home for him!  So sweet!